Basketball Wagering

Understanding The Betting Lines Of Basketball Wagering

The most common way in basketball wagering is the Money Line, where the underdogs are shown in positive, and the negative sign denotes the favorites. Run Line and Money Line are the main betting lines.

Baseball betting is mainly focused on Money Line, displayed as a three-digit number. Moreover, all the Money Lines are based on $100. The payoff varies in terms of odds in this case. The negative sign before the Money Line denotes the favorites, whereas the positive sign denotes the underdogs.

Understanding Betting Lines

An example easily understands this. Suppose Real Madrid is the home team. Now, Chelsea is a -200 favorite, which means you have to stake $200 for a win of $100 on that club. To win $10, he must lay $11.50, and when Chelsea wins, he would be collected a reward of $21.50.

Run Line is the number displayed right of the Moneyline. This Run Line is quite similar to that of the point spreads of any sport. Although the payout varies in terms of Moneyline odds, initially, they are set on -110 on each side. 

The number displayed on the extreme right denotes the game’s total (over/under). It denotes the total score or runs scored by both teams. Predict whether the score will be over or under the given scoreline. Interestingly, you will not lose your money if your prediction goes wrong. In such a case, it will be considered as “No Action.”

Methods of Basketball Wagering

 There are certain types of wagering in basketball. They are as follows

Action: This type denotes wagering on the team vs. team regardless of the initial pitcher. As the odds in basketball, betting depends on the initial pitchers, and action wagering demands an adjustment in odds if the initial pitchers change during the match.

Single Specified Pitcher: This type lets you bet on a specified pitcher, irrespective of any other initial pitcher. If the specified pitcher does not start, it will be counted as “No Action,” and the stake amount will be returned.

Both Specified Pitchers: This is a type of bet where both the pitchers are listed. If anyone of the listed pitcher does not start, it will be counted as “No Action,” and the betting amount will be refunded.

In case of any change in the pitchers, the odds, and the money line, the run line will be finely adjusted accordingly. If the wagering starts with a scheduled pitcher against an unscheduled pitcher, the Action type of wagering will follow its initial pitcher amount.

Parley System of Wagering

In this system maximum of 10 teams are used as underdogs. Moreover, the maximum payout shall not exceed 720 to 1. In the Parley system, totals can also be used and counted. This type demands wagering on winning a particular team or else you will lose the bet. If there is any match cancellation due to certain inconveniences, you can play the parley system on the next lower number of games. The parley is calculated based on true odds and applied to each successive match henceforth.


Basketball betting types may sometimes become risky and difficult to understand. However, in many cases, the betting types are straightforward. All you need is to understand the betting lines to win a bet. You can also visit Bethap for the best basketball wagering with exclusive odds. Here you will find your favorite sport to bet on.

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