Canadian Gambling

The History of Canadian Gambling

Gambling in Canada has had an up and down history, with times of experiment, failure and success. 

If you’re wondering if gambling is legal in Canada, the answer is most definitely yes. Infact gambling can be traced back as far as 1497 within the country, where ‘games of chance or luck’ were found to be a popular activity amongst tribes. Bare in mind however that this was very different to our modern day version of gambling. It was rather undeveloped and basic, and of course this is before any laws of the game were put into place. This would include games with sticks or bones, with a popular game called Slahal, which ultimately is a guessing game which earns benefits of losses. 

Canada is now the 8th largest online gambling country in the world. The UK, India and Australia are also large contributors. The Candadian gambling industry not only opens up a large amount of employment opportunities, it also drives the economy with multi billion annual revenues. 

The road of gambling wasn’t always easy in the region nonetheless, and in 1892 all types of gambling were banned under the title of ‘Offenses against Religion, Morals and Public Convenience’. Slowly but surely small amendments were made to the restrictions, starting with the exemption of raffles in 1990 – 1901, leading into the allowance of The Lottery after the government saw huge value in it, then horse racing and games of chance such as wheels of fortune. Lastly, prohibitions against dice games were also removed.

Land based casinos came into play in 1985, after the government passed a new law. The country’s first commercial casino opened up in 1989. Online gambling didn’t start up until much later in 1996. This is marked as the start up year for this market as several online casinos were launched with only a small selection of games, but soon grew in popularity. It was seen as an odd idea when first launched, but after time the benefits of gambling from home became easy to explain. 

Gambling has been modified through the years to become a safe form of entertainment. All casinos must be licensed, whether it’s online or on land. 

Although the industry has already been a success in the region, it’s only expected to grow further. It’s unlikely this industry will fail, as so many companies are continuously releasing new games and products, with mobile casinos now prominent throughout Canada also. is a website which allows you to review all the trusted casinos in the country, granting you the opportunity of gaining the most from your experience. It will compare the lastest offers and show available bonuses. Not only this, but it includes consistently updated links to the Canadian gambling news offering you all the current information in a bid to help you increase your chances of winning. It features the top ranked online casino for popularity, Jackpot City Casino and many others. 

Noted, the history of Canadian gambling is quite vast. Nowadays gamers can enjoy casinos as a healthy form of entertainment and great fun.

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